Sunday, October 11, 2009

Witches witches everywhere!

We love going to Gardner Village every year and seeing the fun witches and running around the shops. On Friday afternoon Kurtis, Lila, Clarissa and I joined friends Timbra, Alani, Airi, Ginger, Cache and True for fall fun with the wacky witches! Lila had her hair painted pink and Kurtis got a face painting of a dragon. I took about 200 pictures I think. I'll pare it down a bit here though...

Trying to get everyone to hold still and even remotely look at the camera was quite a challenge. Forget smiles!

Lila thought this was her own private princess balcony!

Not sure what Clarissa thought of all the decor. She didn't seem to mind as long as she didn't have to be too close to them!

Lila is still a bit unsure about them as well. She went much nearer the witches than last year though!

Lila's friend Alani loved them, though!

These are some of my favorite!

Here is proof that I was there too!

Wow! Look at those excited happy faces! Ha!

This is a perfect picture of Lila. I asked her if I could take a picture of her newly painted pink hair and she turned on her heal and strutted away!

Another rare picture, my son!

Kurtis is so good with the baby! Love it!

Kurtis helping Lila cross the little stream.

Lila, Clarissa, Alani and Cache play in the water. This was the hit of the day for all the kids! Go figure!?

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