Monday, October 12, 2009

Our busy day...

Today was a very productive day. The girls and I were up early. We went to the bank (see ridiculous ATM photo), the library and met up with Kurtis at Engh Gardens in the afternoon.

Are you kidding me!? Assistance for the VISUALLY IMPAIRED at the DRIVE up ATM!?!?!

The Girls always enjoy the library!

Kurtis took this!

Lila on the old tractor at Engh Gardens, a local nursery that goes all out for Halloween!


Run! Run! Run!

Halloween heads...

All three kids in one photo, amazing!

And the grand finale! Kurtis let me photograph him! YAY!

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Rachel Ellis said...

Cute pictures! I love all of the fall colors and your adorable (excuse me, Kurtis, I mean handsome) kids!

We loved going to Gardner village for the witches in the Fall and the elves at Christmas. So fun!

I like the design and layout of your blog too. One of these days I should play around more and spruce up ours...