Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not so shabby...

Kurtis had his first concert of middle school last Thursday at Hillcrest High. It went really well and it is amazing to here them play so well now! Here are a few shots from the concert.

Every week I get an auto notification from Kurtis' school telling me his grades, attendance and such. This week looks much like every other week. I am so proud of him. He really is so smart he will be able to do anything he wants! Here is the contents of this weeks email...

Assignments scored above 90.00% in the past week,
"Fall Concert" 100.00%.

"PC #5" 100.00%.
"horrible rough draft" 100.00%.
"noun poem" 100.00%.
"pronoun notes" 100.00%.
"pronoun work" 100.00%.
"wish poem" 100.00%.
"vocab2 test" 100.00%.
"we1" 100.00%.
"Airplane Design WS" 100.00%.
"Trans WordSearch Intro" 100.00%.
"Lsn 20 Last of New Reaches" 100.00%.

Courses with a current Progress Report Grade more than 90.00%
HOMEROOM has a Grade of 91.10%
SYMPHONIC BAND has a Grade of 99.76%
LANG ART 7H CORE has a Grade of 95.71%
LANG ART 7BH CORE has a Grade of 97.59%
PRE-ALGEBRA has a Grade of 91.52%
UTAH STUDIES 7 has a Grade of 93.25%
CTE CORE has a Grade of 103.14%

103.14% wow! I didn't even know you could get higher than 100% Kurtis rocks!

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Ginger Horsburgh said...

That is awesome! Smart kid! GOOOOOOOOOOO, Kurtis!