Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween week...

On Thursday Lila's school had a costume parade and program. They sang and signed songs that they had been learning about Halloween. Then they did a trunk or treat in the school parking lot. It was so awesome! Lila decided on the power ranger again. There were plenty of princesses so it wasn't a loss...

Lila and her teacher, Mrs. Merideth.
Spiderman candy!
That's my Lila!

Clarissa enjoyed herself.

Today for soccer Kurtis sported this black eye. (You should have seen the other guy!) :P
This afternoon we carved pumpkins in the back yard. We all had a good time!

Trick-or-treating tonight...
The kids and I.
Happy Halloween!


Timbra said...

boy you guys have quite a few costumes up your sleeves :) fun stuff! lots of fun halloween festivities this week :)

Rachel Ellis said...

Love the power ranger costume! Why be a princess when you can fight evil and save the world! Your kids looked great, good costumes all around.