Sunday, March 25, 2012

Road Trip!

 Jeff came into town in Thursday evening and Friday morning we loaded everyone in the mom-mobile and were on our way to St. George!

 Pit stop.

 We made it to St. George right as they opened the packet pick up.  Kurtis and I were very excited about our 10K the next day!  It was a beautiful day in St. George and we were all happy to be out of the car!

 YAY!  Jumping on hotel beds is the best!

 We headed to Outback steakhouse for dinner.  The wait was very long and we entertained ourselves as best as we could while we waited.

 This next series of pictures was a complete accident.  The camera was in my purse and my arm was pushing the shutter button without my knowledge.

 Try to hold in your excitement Jeff.
 Finally back at the hotel and ready for race day!
 We were planning to attend a rock crawling competition the next day.  Unfortunately Jeff broke something on his crawler he was unable to fix.  
 Gear ready to go!  Bring on race day!

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Timbra said...

i was previously NOT a fan of road trips, but i'm realizing how many fun memories are being made this year with all of the car time we've had together, my fam and I. . . looks like you had a fun little trip