Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Day in the Snow

Last Sunday we decided to take the whole family to Snowbird.  Jeff got Kurtis and Lila up early and headed on up.  Clarissa and I got ready, ran a quick errand and went on up.  All the parking lots were completely full and I had to park on the road between entry one and two.  That was very far from where Jeff was with Lila at entry 4, so we hopped the shuttle bus for a ride. 

Later that day when I asked Clarissa what her favorite part of  the day was her answer was, "Riding the bus!"

Lila was living large when we got there.  Jeff was giving her a huge push on Chickadee bowl and she was just flying down the hill having the time of her life!

Kurtis came down from the mountain to say hello.

Clarissa's turn.

Snowball fight!

Lila and Jeff coming down Chickadee together.

Ready?  Scroll through this next series fast to see Lila in motion!

Back on the magic carpet all by herself!

It was very warm and we all started shedding layers.

Lila and Clarissa's pink and purple board.

At around 1 o'clock we learned that the canyon road had been closed due to avalanche activity and would re-open sometime between 3-5pm.  We were just happy to all be there together and that it was a beautiful day.  

It was hot.  *snicker*

Eventually we all got hungry and after an inquiry I discovered that we could all eat safely at the Fork Lift.

Can you say sunburn?

It was a wonderful day with the family.  Just what we needed the day before Jeff was to leave for Seattle to work.  

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Timbra said...

what a great way to spend "dad's" last day home for a while. . .