Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Literacy Night

Lila said to Jeff this day, "Daddy!  Ozzy is more calm than Rocco.  I can lay with him and read to him!"  

 Lila's school held "Literacy Night" offering activities, crafts, etc.  all centered around reading.  I took the girls and we had a very nice time.  

Here is Lila with her self portrait.

 Making an Eric Carl like picture.

 Lila's mouse was for her teacher, Mrs. Bond.
 Being read Dr. Suess stories by 6th graders.
 There was even a magician.

 We ran into Jen, who used to be my La Leche League co-leader, and her daughter Erin.

Lila even got a free book.  Charlotte's Web.  

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Timbra said...

that looks like a fun night. . . not that it was dr. suess specific, but i wish we'd been able to get more into Suess's bday celebrations this year, we're just gone like all of march. . . can't wait to see you, we'll definitely need to make time this next week