Sunday, May 1, 2011

S U R P R I S E!

Timbra had her 30th birthday on April 17th and with the help of her husband, Mike, I threw her a surprise party. It went over very well and she didn't see it coming at all!

Home Alone?

Mr. & Mrs. Wiist


Katherine, Nathan and baby Sam
Mali, Jet and the b-day girl
Meghan and Heidi
Leah & her husband who I totally forgot his name! Oops!
Gavin, Mali, Jet & Timbra
Jerri and Timbra

Girlfriends are good!
She blew them all out in one go!
Charity & Katherine with baby Sam
Near the end, T busted out her camera.
Kurtis hanging with the ladies.
Miss Rae with Gretta and Jules.
Timbra, Melissa & I.
Meghan, her belly, and Timbra.
Heidi, Meghan, Timbra
Rob, Jameson, Meghan & Timbra
Scrap book I made Timbra of our adventures together.
Rob & Jameson
Goofy kids.

yeah, 'cause we're sassy (or should I say classy?) like that.


Happy Birthday Timbra! I hope 30 is a FANTASTIC year for you! Love you!

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Leah said...

Hubby's name is Mike. Thanks so much for inviting us and sharing all your yummy food!