Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Good News is the Bad News

A couple weeks ago I was tested for Celiac disease. Yesterday I got the results. It came to no shock that I do in fact have Celiac Disease (CD.) For many years I have had aching joints. About a year ago I began suffering from fatigue and daily headaches, among other things. One thing led to another and after testing Lila for food allergies I decided to be tested for CD.

Considering the results of Lila's blood IgG panel and her reaction to wheat giadin, wheat, gluten, spelt and rye my doctor says that Lila does in fact have CD too. This, of course, is debatable but I will let her decide to test for CD when she is old enough to make that decision as testing requires the re-introduction of gluten and I'm not willing to put her through that.

The good news in all of this is that Lila will probably be able to outgrow many of her lesser food allergies as soon as her gut is healed from the damage caused by gluten. More good news is that I should not have to deal with asthma, as is was most likely triggered by CD. No more headaches and joint pain will be good too!

This does mean a very strict gluten-free diet for both Lila and I and also a bit of re-structuring our kitchen to make sure no cross-contamination happens. All of that will be a process, but luckily I am more than familiar with cooking with food restrictions and I am looking forward to the journey and healthier days ahead!



dolores said...

So glad you found out the problem and that you can do something about it. You are so good about accepting things and making lemonade out of your lemons!Am very proud of you!

Renee said...

thanks Aunt Dolores! love you!