Saturday, May 28, 2011

Off to the Ballet!

On May 21st Ballet West presented Sleeping Beauty at the Sandy Amphitheater and I decided to take the girls. It was a mixed bag. I really enjoyed the show and in one respect, so did the girls. However, there were MANY questions and quite a bit of whining about when it would be over despite the lollipops and various goodies in my bag. I'm glad we went, but I think I'll wait until Clarissa is a couple years older before taking her to the ballet again. I think the Nutcracker is in order for Lila and I in December.

All dressed up and ready to go!

We sat in the grass, which was nice because it allowed for more wiggle room. Yes, Timbra, my class is showing again.
Technically cameras weren't allowed. I only took a couple.

During intermission we went up for the "Royal Coronation" on stage. The girls were each crowned as honorary princesses.

Second half as more fun for Lila, but a bit less fun for Clarissa.

At the end of the show the girls got to go on stage and get their picture taken with the cast. Very fun!

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Rachel Ellis said...

That is awesome! I like the idea of a ballet in the park. Very cool!

Your girls make adorable princesses too. :)