Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's all Green to me!

Since I never miss an occasion to celebrate, we went whole hog for St. Patrick's Day this year. My father in law, Paul came in to town late on Wednesday and the girls were both very excited on Thursday because he was here and because we had a party planned.

Cuddles and books with Grandpa while anxiously awaiting party time!


Pin the Pot-o-Gold in the rainbow that we never played!

Lila took this one.

At the party we had a "make your own leprechaun hat" craft.

Timbra who is like me and never misses an opportunity to party with the kids!
There were shamrock cookies to decorate, and you know Lila frosted hers just right!
Xela, Gigi & Airi
Meghan and Jameson
Ginger and True
When you hang with me and mine, you know it's going to be classy!

And because my buddy Airi has a new "face"...

Sally & Jonah
Kurtis was at school during the pre-schooler party, but we had some celebration at home. I made corned beef and cabbage for dinner and chocolate Guinness cake for dessert!

I told Kurtis I was going to paint a leprechaun or some such on his face! HA HA

It was a great green day!

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Sallyseashell said...

Oh my! I do look strikingly......interesting in that photo. I remembered to check your blog for party pictures and here they are! Thanks again for a fun party!Go green!