Thursday, March 10, 2011

Almost Spring?

As many of my friends and family in warmer climates are enjoying Spring we are enjoying Winter.

Yes, that is 12.5"!
and a bit of tomfoolery!

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Timbra said...

i'm all caught up. . . but not always in a place to type. . at the moment, mike is in the lobby with four of our old friends (okay. . . two old friends and their wives) and alani is feeding coy in the coy pond and airi is sleeping. . . so i'm waiting her out in the hotel room and playing online. . . i can see them all out there having fun without me :) i'm kind of glad we missed the 13 inches. . . eek!!! but it looked like good snowman building weather :( it was over 80 here yesterday. . . i was NOT prepared for that. . . in my black pants and black 3/4 sleeve shirt. . . . and NO flip flops!