Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remember me?

I haven't fallen off the planet.  I've been busy and a few technological mishaps have majorly slowed my blogging progress.  First, if you can imagine, my computer is completely full and I can't add any more pictures from my camera.  I have an external hard drive but, well that's a long story.  Second, our TV died and so my computer has become the new TV.  Third, I haven't been able to post anything to facebook or blogger from my phone for the past few days.  I have no idea why.  So here I sit actually typing a blog post! Enough excuses, you probably just want to know how everyone is right!?

Clarissa is excellent!  She loves preschool!  She had a cute little Halloween parade and their class sang some cute little songs.  After, we did a trunk or treat.  This is basically like trick or treating, but out of cars.  A bunch of parents from the school, including me, decorated our vehicles and gave out candy.  

Lila is learning to play her flute very well and she I are currently in a contest to see who will win an ice cream sunday from her flute teacher.  Whoever has the most practice days (she playing flute, me running) at the end of the month wins an ice cream sunday!  So far she is beating me by two days!  Lila is also enjoying school.  She has play dates with her school friends and really likes her teacher.

Both the girls have been taking ice skating lessons and love it!

Kurtis is playing in the musical pit for the school musical "Will Rogers Follies" that will go on starting November 15.  They spend an absolutely absurd amount of time practicing.  At first he was at school every day until 3:30 (school is out at 2:45) then they switched to every day until 6pm.  Last Saturday he was at the school from 8a-3p and yesterday from 7:30a-7:15pm!  It's a darn good thing he's having a great time!  As you can imagine, this has put the rest of his life on hold.  He basically goes to school, does school work, eats and sleeps.  

Jeff is still on his way to looking like a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He goes to the gym most days.  He has also started doing some with friend, Rob (who I ran the marathon with.)  Mostly he's looking for that perfect job and waiting for 2013 when he has quite a bit of work lined up.

I have been running, of course.  I signed up to run the Buffalo Run 50K (that's 31 miles.) My first ultra!  Yes, I may be a few crayons short of a full set, but it makes me happy so I go with it.  I joined a group of runners out on Antelope Island yesterday for the first training run before the race.  They hold one training run a month from November to March to let racers have a chance to run the race course and get used to the terrain.  Yesterday was my first long run since the marathon, 12 miles.  You might think that would be easy after having just run 26.2, but it wasn't.  It was a great course, a beautiful day, and good company but my legs were like lead.  I blame Jeff for that kick ass leg work out at the gym on Thursday!  

That's about it.  Kids, school, band, gym, run and friends when we can.  That about sums up the Yeoman/Surber clan at the moment.  I hope to be back to regular posts and lots of pictures soon!

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