Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh the things you can say!

January 2012
Lila, she has got most words down, but there are a few she still struggles with.
pop-lee-ur = popular
She was telling Clarissa not to taunt the dog, "Don't taught the dog!"

My favorite recent Lila-ism was after having a hard time going to sleep two nights before she announced upon waking, "Last night when the lights went out I was as still as a carrot underground."

Clarissa, at three and a half has a unique way of saying many words.
aminal= animal
pail nolish or paint nolish= nail polish
Sqwungbob Squarepants= Sponebob Squarepants
Oitmeal= oatmeal (oit said like oil)

The best was when I was trying to help her into her chair the other day she said, "Leave me alone, woman."

All this reminds me of some of my favorites when Kurtis was little as well of when Lila was younger.  Once at about three years old Kurtis asked me, "Mom, why do you pee out your butt?"  Seems reasonable as the only reason boys sit on the potty is...

Also, Kurtis once colored his entire body blue with a crayola marker when I fell asleep on the couch.  And when I say entire, I mean ENTIRE!  Man, how I wish I had had a camera back then!  He also twisted my glasses into a pretzel once when he was three and I was taking a nap.  I've learned from this and no longer nap when I'm the only adult in the house.  lol

Then when Lila was three I overheard her saying what I thought was the word "crap." When I asked her what she said her reply was maybe the best answer any of my children have ever given me for any question.  Her reply was, "I was saying crash Mommy.  Don't worry, I didn't say damn or fuck!"


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Timbra said...

kids are so silly! i'll have to write some of our recent ones down. . .the best one right now is that when we visited the in-laws, the girls called their neighbor pig a "hot belly pig" and airi even created a song, it's hilarious!