Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just the 2 of us!

Clarissa and I stayed home this Sunday while Jeff took Kurtis and Lila to Snowbird for some snowboarding fun.  We did whatever we wanted and it was a very nice day with my youngest.  We took the dog to Wheeler Farm, played at the house, and visited Denise for a bounce on the trampoline and some popsicles. 

Ozzy loved the farm.

 Some women carrying purple balloons offered one to Clarissa.  Score!
 Her favorite part of the farm.  The outhouse.

 Later on at Denise's house the dogs had a blast together.

 Can't go to see Denise and not jump on the tramp.

 Denise has this new popcicle maker that makes popcicles in seven minutes.  Yes, 7!  It's pretty rad!

 And just a few shots of my smallest. <3

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Timbra said...

okay, i totally need that popsicle maker. . .going to look it up RIGHT NOW. . . and ozzy is a sweety. we need to get to wheeler, since it's not an icy walk of death. . wednesday????