Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jello and Cookies!

Last week we weren't able to get together with the Wiist girls because they were out of town.  So, on Saturday we headed to their house for lunch and a walk to the park.  When we arrived Timbra greeted the girls with homemade grape jello!  Mmmm

Airi had colored her tongue with a green marker and the girls thought that was a riot!

 Home made jello with homemade coconut milk whipped cream!  Mmmm

 Then, because cookies are always a good idea, Timbra rolled out some heart and lip shaped sugar cookies for us all to decorate.  When she asked Airi what shape she wanted Airi's response was "mustache."  HA!

 Lila was putting on this face just to be silly.

We also took a walk across the road to Murray park, but as I had brought Ozzy with us and had to drag him and Clarissa (she hates walking) I left the camera at the house.  After the park we went back to more snacking and playing before heading home in the late afternoon.  It was a nice long play day and we all had fun!

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