Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More on Lila's Allergies

After going over our test results with the doctor I am now in the know. First thing to know is there are different kinds of food allergy tests: IgG = tests for a delayed reaction and can be outgrown IgE = immediate, and lifelong. Lila's test showed IgG, so it is possible that she may not have all of these allergies her whole life and even if she does it is possible that she may be able to tolerate small amounts of her allergy foods. It does not guarantee that these are not lifetime allergies. Here is how this test rates the allergies:
1=very low reaction, 2=low, 3=moderate, 4=high, 5=very high and 6=extremely high.

Here are Lila's results:
Almond= 1*
Lentils= close to 2*
Green Peas= close to 2
Peanut= 2
Pineapple= 3
Egg white= 3
Egg yolk= 3.5
Gluten= 4
Soybean= close to 5
Garlic= close to 5
All citrus fruit= 5

This test also came out negative for dairy because Lila has not had any dairy for a couple years now. This is most likely a false negative, but we can "test" dairy at home later after her gut has healed. After a 3-6 week complete elimination diet we can try to introduce small amounts of things like soy lecithin, citric acid, eggs and pea protein (which are in LOTS of things) one at a time to see if she can tolerate even small amounts of these foods.

Last night my mind was reeling and I had a hard time going to sleep. Today after a successful loaf of allergy-free bread, batch of sunflower seed butter and a trip to the doctor I feel really good about the situation. Thanks to all my fellow allergy free friends and family and everyone else who has sent their well wishes our way!

*The test results we went over today were a faxed copy & after a more thorough examination, I realized I missed almonds and lentils. I will get the full color copy with more detailed information sometime this week. There were a few other things that she scored between a 0-1 on and I'm not sure if that even counts! ?

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