Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kindergarten Orientation

Here Lila stands in front of her new school, Peruvian Park Elementary! I can just hardly believe she's old enough to enter elementary school!

Lila was happy to see a friend from gymnastics at orientation.

Half way through the Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bond, asked all the parents to stay in the auditorium and all the kindergartners to make a line to follow her to their new class. Lila was first in line! When our boring part was over and I went to find Lila in class, this is how I found her.

The school is very nice and she really liked the classroom. I hope she's still as excited about kindergarten in August!

Some of the signs of readiness for school include knowing at least 10 letters of the alphabet (she is reading whole books!), being able to use the restroom by oneself (she just started showering by herself), hops, jumps, skips, runs (she can do cartwheels and forward extension rolls at gym), counts to 10 (more like 30), speaks in complete sentences (since she was about 20 months old.) I think she's ready!

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Sallyseashell said...

Go Lila! I loved kindergarten and have so many fond memories of my friends and teacher. I bet she will thrive there.