Monday, April 4, 2011

Friends at the Farm

Friday afternoon I met up with Timbra, Sally and their kids at the farm. It was really warm and beautiful out!

Clarissa's new thing... "Picture me Mommy! Picture me!"
beautiful girls.

Alani and crew arrive!

You can't see the rooster in the picture, but these three are chasing a rooster!
I had to tell Lila to back off because she was gaining on him!
This is one big bird!

Then Sally, Zadok, Odin and baby Jonah showed up.
Sally found a bird's nest that Lila really wanted to bring home. I'm afraid I had to tell her no.

The cow manure pile was pretty high that day.
Someone was milking a cow. I've promised to take the girls back soon to milk a cow. It's only $.50!

This little girl was so cute I had to take her picture!

Clarissa filled her shoes with sand and rocks and proceeded to walk around that way.

We also ran into Jill, who I know from LLL, and her two little ones.
The turkeys were gobbling like mad, which was making the kids squeal, which was making the turkeys gobble like mad!

Me and my buddy.
Do you think Lila likes Zadok?

We had a really great time (despite the farm being relatively crowded) and thoroughly enjoyed that warm Spring weather!

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