Monday, December 20, 2010

Utah Christmas

Every year we have two Christmas celebrations. One here in Utah with our little family and one in Ponte Vedra Beach with my in-laws Paul and Josie, my sister in-law and her family and my Dad and Step-Mom, Laura. This year we did Christmas a whole week early as Jeff is working all week and Kurtis leaves early Thursday. The kids did not complain about this.

We started the day by making some giant ginger cookies! mmm

While I showered (alone! YAY!) the kids separated the gifts into piles. We are so fortunate to have family who helps us at Christmas and gives us so many things! What a lot of loot!
They were only a little excited...

Let the gift opening begin!
Barbie car from Mom & Dad

Digital camo duct tape (hey, he wanted it!?)

Window crayons were a BIG hit!
A card from Grandma Lois
New earrings from Mom & Dad
A pretty ornament from Grampa Mike & Gramma Laura (however I suspect Grampa had very little to do with it...)
Lila really liked this one Clarissa got from Daddy. A princess barbie with a pink horse!
Kurtis got a lot of cash from everyone! Lucky boy!

Very cool wooden cash registers from Gramma Lois.
Soccer ball from big brother
A favorite gift of the day, sweet dolly
The highly coveted pink horse!

Tattoos from Gramma Lois
Clarissa's very own Pet Shop
Even Jeff and I got gifts! Jeff got me a remote so I can actually get in a picture now and again!

Barbie with her very own peeing puppies!

And my very talented Dad made this amazing walking blocks for the kids! They love them! Especially Lila, who has walked around the house on them non-stop since she opened them!

And bubble wrap is always a favorite gift! (What!? It wasn't part of the present!?)
Thank you to all our family for helping make our Christmas special. We love you very much! Merry Christmas!

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Timbra said...

looks like a very fun day, lots and lots of fun stuff. . . the tats were cracking me up, lila giving them to everyone! i'll be interested to hear how they like the cash register, i looked at that one, but it was just too high priced for this christmas with all the other stuff, i still haven't found one i want, but might go with an antique toy one US made, and the walking blocks look like so much fun, i've also considered those but wasn't sure if alani would like them, looks like they are a HIT!!!