Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Haircut

Ever since Clarissa's first hair cut Lila has been plotting her next hair cut. However, the past few weeks hair brushing has been nothing but tears and begging for a hair cut from Lila every day. She has such a sensitive scalp and very tangle prone hair! So, we headed over to Cookie Cutters on Monday afternoon for a new do!

Can you tell she's excited?

They have GLITTER hair spray!!!
A very proud BIG girl!

When we got home I asked her to stand in front of the house so I could get a shot. I didn't get her to stand in front of the house, but I got this posing session! SO much better!

She is loving it! No tears and she is even brushing her hair herself now! Score!


Haley said...

super cute new cut!!!

Timbra said...

so, i want to see pix of what it looks like "on it's own" it's SOOOO cute in these photos! is it a bit wavy in real life? wow. . . brushing her own hair? alani's is so long she won't be able to wash or brush it on her own for a long time!