Saturday, December 18, 2010

Temple Square adventure

Jeff, Kurtis and I moved to Salt Lake City in August of 1999. This year I decided it was about time to get down to see the lights at Temple Square! We took the train for a little extra fun and to avoid parking problems. It was a great time, even though by the end everyone was very tired. It was cold out, but I bundled everyone like mad, so we stayed warm and enjoyed the trip!

waiting for the train

at each stop Lila asked enthusiastically, "Is this where we get off!?"

One of my favorite photos of the night, the big kids head off the train toward the temple.
And what do you know, there was a man playing bagpipes when we arrived!

lights! lights! lights!

There were a few fountains and of course despite, or maybe because, it was about 20 degrees out the kids desperately want to touch the water!

Kurtis took this one of Jeff and I
There were some very strange cartoon like nativity scenes that we couldn't quite figure out.

back on the train again

We made it home without too much break down by about 9pm. Even though everyone was tired it took a while to get everyone down. Luckily we got to sleep in until 10am today! It was a great time and I will definitely add this to our Christmas to do list!


Timbra said...

i did not see those nativities, but i think the theme this year is "around the world" which is why those are there! so many cool pix of the lights. . UH. . . I graduated high school in 1999!!! someday i'll live here as long as you :)

Rachel Ellis said...

Love the pics! Gorgeous lights and gorgeous kids. Makes me miss Utah. Sniff.

Renee said...

Utah misses you too Rachel!