Sunday, May 16, 2010

A sunny Sunday

Today has been a beautiful day! After lunch we played outside in the back yard that Kurtis has just finished mowing. Lila has been asking for months to play in the pool, so we broke it out again as it was so nice out.

Clarissa cheesing for the camera

boys! ugh...

oh wait... and girls!

Kurtis is no longer on a "don't take my picture" kick! YAY! He is so handsome.

Clarissa was bringing Kurtis "drinks" from the pool and he was making up funny accents and entertaining the masses.

Comforting Clarissa when she thought Lila took his cup.
Kurtis taught Lila about centrifugal force.

good times!

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Timbra Wiist said...

fun in the sun! yeah, sunday was beautiful, unfortunately I spent the whole day packing everything up for our "weekend" away, and didn't get to enjoy much of it. . . but we did enjoy solitude so i guess you win some, you lose some!