Monday, May 24, 2010

La Leche League Workshop

Saturday I went to a LLL workshop. We have them about twice a year and talk about all things breastfeeding and about LLL of Utah. Here are some of the cute babies and my fellow LLL leaders here in Utah.

It's always a wonderful time and quite rejuvenating as a leader! Good times!


Timbra Wiist said...

okay, totally gonna need some of these pix. . .. love the first little yawning monkey, she was so sweet! what a fun day! i hope i can get all my blogs up before i leave tomorrow. or i'll at least up load all my pix to them before leaving so i have something to play with on my "down time" ha ha!!

TopHat said...

We moved away just a few weeks before this, but I met you at the fall one. I was just a leader applicant, but I'm a leader now. :)