Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our week so far...

My girlfriend Lisa brought her sweet daughter Makayla over to play this week. She is about six months older than Clarissa. The girls had a fun time playing together.

Clarissa decided to color her face instead of the paper I gave her...
One of my girls favorite games is "puppy" or "kitty" Here is Lila the puppy
Rissa the puppy

Two puppies
Rissa walks her pup

The girls and I test the timer on my camera
My green eyed boy
And Lila is super excited about her early Christmas present from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Laura. NEW FOX BOOTS! She has worn them non-stop since they came in the mail! Thanks Dad & Laura!


Ginger Horsburgh said...

Great pics. Esp love the ones of Kurtis and Lila in her boots! What a fabulous smile! Talk to you soon!

Timbra Wiist said...

love the pic of you and girls. . . your steps and the lighting on your wood floors and in that big window make for great pix. . . cracking up that lila lets clarissa "walk her" as a puppy. . .put up my turkey day posts. . .elves are coming :) had a blast!

Bundleboo MaMa said...

love love love the photos.. thanks for the warm welcome back.. i've not had much time recently to blog but I certianly missed it! Look forward to reading what you've been upto! hugs!