Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gobble gobble gobble

Thanksgiving was great this year. My mother and father in law, Josie and Paul, came out to visit. They arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Kurtis had planned to visit his family in Illinois for Thanksgiving this year, so he only go to spend a couple days with the grandparents, but at least they got to see each other before he left at the crack of dawn on Thursday. We had a very nice time baking lots of pies and cooking turkey with all the fixins! We are still eating way too much pie every day!

Kurtis looking more and more like a man...
Holiday onions and pumpkin pie! Y U M!
This picture was taken just to prove I was there. My kitchen window sure is dirty...
Kurtis and Lila help out in the kitchen?
Math homework even on a holiday *sigh* What a good boy!
Dodo checks the pies!
At the last minute Lila declared she wanted apple pie for thanksgiving and being the wonderful mother I am, I mean being that we had a fridge full of apples I said WHY NOT!?
Dodo preparing the broccoli that we forgot to cook. Oh well, the onions and celery in the stuffing count as vegetables, right?
Lila and Dodo play

Cat nap
Happy Grandparents and sweet girls. Lila wasn't posing or anything...
Jeff and his Mom washing dishes together. Aww mother son bonding.
More dish washing
Even Clarissa helped with the dishes

Thanks for coming Paul and Dodo! We loved seeing you! XOXO

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Timbra Wiist said...

what a fun fun day. . . . did lila's hair grow like ten inches since we saw you 10 days ago? her hair looks really long. . .love the laughing sister pic at the end :)