Friday, November 20, 2009

A week of fun & friends

This week was busy, but in a fun and not stressful sort of way. We got together with lots of friends and had good times. Monday we met up with Ginger and her kids, energetic Cache and sweet baby True at Dino Land in at the mall for a bit of running around. It is the perfect place for kids to get their energy out while moms chat.

Here is Clarissa climbing into one of the caves.
Lila being a dinosaur.
More dinosaur action while sister looks on.

On Wednesday after pre-school Timbra came over with her lovely girls Alani and Airi. The girls played with window markers that I recently discovered. They were Kurtis' back before Lila was born and I was a little surprised they still work!

Here Airi is enjoying eating the fuzz from Clarissa's blanket.
Clarissa has a head of hair that many full grown women could envy!
Lila and Alani enjoy drawing on the living room window.
Alani in her super cute sweater!
Clarissa and her hair. Maybe I should name it?

On Thursday we went for the triple (quadruple if you count moms) play date at Julia, Alec, Jasmine and Kai's house. It's great because each of our kids has a playmate when we hang out! Plus it's just fun! Jasmine and Lila had a wedding and of course needed make up for the occasion.

Here is Lila in her wedding make up.

Today my friend Lisa that I know from my Snowbird days came over to play with her kids Alex and Makayla. They enjoyed playing outside in the cold and indoors with some dolls while Lisa and I played catch up and enjoyed some hot tea.

Lila and Makayla get along famously!

Lisa and Alex

After Lisa and her gang left today we headed to Little Gym and then home for nap time. After we picked up Kurtis and friend, Jacob, from school we joined Rachel and her girls, Malaina and Maren as well as Ginger and hers again at the aquarium.

Clarissa watches the upside down jellies.
Kurtis and Rissa playing in the "Coral Community"
Rissa and the Boreal toads.
Lila and Clarissa play
Lila and jellies.

What a great week! Thanks everyone for the great company!


Timbra Wiist said...

you are one brave mama! that was a lot of other people's kids you took on this week :) we had two playdates and that was exhausting for me :) thanks for good times, post to come soon

Family of 5 said...

well, all mamas were there with their kids! :) it was fun times