Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter has arrived!

It is definitely winter here now. We have snow on the ground and temps in the teens and twenties. Brrrr! Lila loves playing in the snow and is having a blast talking all about Santa and his reindeer and what his house must be like etc. I am cooking a lot of hot soup, hot tea, hot cocoa, hot oatmeal, hot bread... pretty much anything to warm me up it is so cold out!

Last weekend we got in the mail a certificate from Kurtis' school announcing he in on the Honor Roll! We are so proud of him, but not surprised at all!
We went and picked out a tree this week. It is Clarissa's first tree because we didn't get one last year. They had reindeer at the tree place and she was fascinated!
Ho! Ho! Ho! Neither of the girls would get anywhere near Santa!
Rissa and Rudolph, minus the shiny nose
Please please can we get a pink one!? NO!
Not a purple on either!
Here is the reaction I got when I said "Hey Lila, stand next to the red one too and I'll get your picture!"
Santa gave the kids candy canes
watching Santa from afar
I think this might be the one...
Check out this nutcracker, and the decorations too!
The kids search for the perfect tree

Once we got it home we got out all the ornaments, most of which are home made and full of fond memories!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
My great kids!
Lila puts the star on top with a bit of help from brother
Picking out ornaments to decorate the tree. Since we put up the tree Clarissa has torn up one ornament Kurtis made in about 1st grade and broken another. Needless to say, all the ornaments are now on the top third of our poor little tree. No matter, the kids still love it just the same.
Today at gymnastics Lila's class started working on some back handsprings!
Lila and her teacher, Miss Stephanie
The Mini Flips!
Clarissa wanted to take the ornaments off of the tree at gymnastics soooo bad! She was very good though!
Here Clarissa is watching some kids play. What a face!


Rachel Ellis said...

"Can we get the pink one?" HAHA! Your tree is like our tree, only the top is decorated now. Isaac took care of the bottom for us- and what he didn't get, we moved. :)

Timbra Wiist said...

lots of fun. . i really really want to go pick out a tree, but we have our new "china tree" instead, of course :( oh well! I guess next year we might be back to the smaller tree, since we can put it UP away from little hands, which is why it worked so brilliantly for us when alani was 18 months old :) It goes from putting all the ornaments up high away from little hands, to letting little hands decorate all the ornaments are on the BOTTOM third of the tree instead :)