Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Green Garden, Green Room

It was actually like Spring out the past two days! Jeff went and picked up a load of topsoil for me and I unloaded it while the kids played. Then Lila and I planted our winter veggies. I still have a few more seedlings that can't go out until next month. I'm hoping I can keep them alive that long. I wish I had my mother's green thumb.

With the computer room paint job finally completed, Jeff has begun to hang his collection of Creature decks. Now you understand why it was painted "Creature Green."

My favorite. "Creature Face, Oakland Booty."


Timbra said...

okay, your garden work is scaring me. . .i thought it would be a simple project. i don't know that i can pull this huge project off at 5 months prego with SUPER HARD dirt in our backyard to start from. . . grrrr! And it's already a couple weeks late. . . if I can't pull it off this week, it will be too late for some of the stuff I wanted, so I'll have to wait til SIX MONTHS pregnant and try again. . . HA!!!!!

Family of 5 said...

yeah, it's been a lot of work. maybe you could just grow a few things in pots to begin? also, this is what I was doing instead of coming to your meeting yesterday. :P one day I'll go... LOL

Shawnda said...

Wow! Look at you guys go! Good Job!!!