Friday, April 24, 2009

Climb Climing Climber

Ok, so since yesterday I need to revise my list of things that Clarissa can climb as she figured out that using my footstool she can climb on to the lazy boy and she also discovered that she's big enough to climb on the toy box in Lila's room! So now the list reads:
Dresser Drawers
Stairs up & down!
Toy Box
Lazy Boy

Wow. I really am in trouble.


Timbra said...

i have always been thankful that alani is NOT a climber. i call her my "calculated risk taker" these days. . . but i was talking to someone today with a "fearless" child and realized (I've realized it before) this coming babe is either going to be a total introvert OR a total thrill junkie. . . i'm a little scared either way!!!!

Timbra said...

ps. . . . thanks for the sleep comment, the reality is. . . the pregnancy makes it hard to sleep, but we KNOW a newborn makes it hard to sleep. . . so if this is supposed to be the time to rest up for the coming storm. . . . why can't i sleep dangit?!!! thankfully, alani started sleeping straight through (about 95% of the time) around 10 weeks (of my pregnancy) so she's been wonderful to me :)