Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barnyard in my Backyard

Because I don't have enough to do already!  HA!

Lila and her favorite chicken, Sunshine.



 The girls




 Gary.  Now, there is some suspicion that Gary is actually a Gary and not a Geraldine.  However, no crowing yet so I'm holding onto hope she's just a hen with a killer comb and waddle!



 Gary & Sunny

 Long neck!  Eating that leaf that is poking through the fence.

The chickens are fun and really funny to watch.  They've been roaming the backyard every evening and put themselves to bed before it's dark.  

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Timbra said...

i want kids that roam the backyard every day and put themselves to bed before dark :) I think there is some "suspicion" not "suspension" unless you really are in suspense over Gary's sexuality . . .how are the ladies otherwise? Are they laying eggs?