Saturday, August 22, 2009

I didn't fall off the earth...

A sad sad event has occurred! My camera is BROKEN! *sigh* It died on me at my aunt & uncle's house in Florida where I then left it! ARG! So... I am almost picture-less. Luckily my Dad's camera was handy & I was able to snap a few more shots on his. I will have many more pictures from my pre-broken days in Georgia and Florida just as soon as I get my camera in the mail!

Lila with a coconut that Uncle Tom cracked open.

Coconut Kurtis

Clarissa at Rainbow River

We actually saw two gators in the river, not while we were swimming though!

Cousins Clarissa & Riley with my Aunt Dolores.

Clarissa and I on the Withlacoochee.

Uncle Tom steers Lila and the gang down river.

Clarissa enjoying her first motorboat experience.

My Dad and Laura had loads of sophisticated toys for the kids! Clarissa really liked this one! :P

Clarissa on the rocking horse at my parents house.

More to come when my camera arrives!


Timbra said...

:( about your camera. . . always love the pix. . . . and hearing about your travel adventures :) can't wait for a few more tidbits :)

Family of 5 said...

I am sooo sad about my camera! :(