Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Up North

Heather, Me, Carrie & Julie at Gooding for dinner time!

Campfires are fun!

Gooding cabin where the Yeoman/Bouyea clan stay.

View from Gooding's dock.

Rissa enjoying our first night after a long day of travel.

Uncle Mike took a gaggle of girls out for a sail boat ride. Good thing Tom came along too!

The girls and I waiting to be picked up by the sail boat.

"New" Moms Annie, Katie & I with our babes.

Kurtis up at the "Big House."

Ready for smores!

The big boys: Tom, Kurtis, Alec & James.


Kurtis, Tom & James out on the lake.
Going up north for Jeff's annual family gathering was great. Too bad Jeff couldn't go! It was pretty cool (about 55*-60*) and raining a lot, so we didn't get to do many of our regular water activities, but it was still great!

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Timbra said...

okay, your girls are WAY stylin. . .looks like a super fun trip. . . sad jeff didn't get to go. . . maybe we'll see you at alicia's pool next week? any big pioneer plans? i know you totally get down to your pioneer roots on the 24th!!!