Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Growing Veggies!

Kurtis was happy to cut our first crop of spinach and we cooked it for dinner! Yum!

Yesterday we were walking up the sidewalk in front of the kid's pediatrician's office. Lila saw a Rollie Pollie (aka sow bug, pill bug) and said "Mommy! Look! A rollie pollie! Hi rollie pollie!" Then in a very stern voice said "Stay away from our vegetables rollie pollie! You tell your friends to stay out of our garden!"


Timbra said...

how exciting. . .our garden has 0 yield. . oh well, try again later in the season if my belly agrees to it!!! funny rollie pollie story!!

Surviving Triplets said...

YAY for fresh veggies! I was going to plant a little "victory garden" of our own this year. Not so much. Next year for sure!