Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's about time!

Lila was thrilled to make this frosty! The snow had been to dry to pack until this day. She would hug him every time we left the house! Oh so cute!

So life at the Yeoman house is as busy as ever. Lila is still taking gymnastics and doing stellar. We started introducing solids here and there to Clarissa. For the most part she doesn't really care & just wants what's best... MOMMY MILK! Kurtis is still playing clarinet and rockin' the house! He also started snowboarding lessons at Snowbird this week. Lila has also been on a snowboard twice now and can ride like nobodies business! She positively has Jeff's blood running through her veins!


Timbra said...

yay for frosty. when did you make him? glad to see jeff got himself in the photo too :) ha!! that's a huge snowman, i do not have that kind of energy. we tried to make one last week, but the snow was so crunchy it was way too hard to move. . . anyway, hooray for new snow today, you know i don't love it, but i do enjoy the look of fresh new snow, the old crusty stuff i can live without :) glad to see you're back! see you tuesday!

Family of 5 said...

We made this right before x-mas. It was finally warm enough for the snow to stick! Lila was beside herself because she had been wanting to make a snowman for weeks!