Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Winter, Florida Style!

Push up! MARINE CORP! Clarissa is well on her way to crawling and by the looks of it she may crawl like Lila did. No knees. Silly girls.

Well, I'm knee deep in packing and trying to get ready for our trip. We leave early Wednesday morning for Jacksonville where the forecast for Christmas day is a balmy 77 degrees! I can't wait. We will spend Christmas (or Jeffmas as Jeff likes to call it) at Jeff's parents house with his parents, my Dad and Step-Mom and Jeff's sister, the now very obviously pregnant, Katie!

Kurtis left Saturday morning for Illinois where the Christmas day forecast is a frigid 8 degrees. BRRRRRR! He will be spending the holiday with his family there and comes home on January 3rd.

Rocko gets to stay here at Creekside All Pet Boarding. Luna will be left to guard the house.

Let it snow... I'm going swimming!


Timbra said...

i wasnt sure if you were gone yet or not. . . have a wonderfully warm holiday!!! we'll be here, (enjoying) a white christmas as it seems. . . and putting together our gingerbread house!

BundlebooMaMa said...

Thats funny that they both didn't use there knees...Lucy is doing the army crawl...totally on her belly...its funny to see how inventive they get when self teaching to move.