Friday, November 7, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference Time

Yesterday was Kurtis' first parent teacher conference for 6th grade. I am happy to say he is continuing his trend & got excellent grades! He got a B in Reading/Language Arts and A's in Social Studies, Math, Science and Technology! We also reviewed his end of year testing for 5th grade. He scored fours in all areas (Language Arts, Math & Science), which is the highest grade you can get! His teacher had this to say of him on his report card: "Kurtis is a joy to have in class. His comments add so much to the atmosphere in our classroom. He is attentive and serious about his education." What more could we ask for!? If you take a look at this report, you can see 4 columns with percentages. Kurtis' grade is under "student" and the columns next to him are the averages of other students in the school, district, and state!