Friday, September 19, 2008

Twelve years ago today...

I was ready to pop! 12 years ago today I would begin labor in less than 90 hours. These were my last few days of life before motherhood. Kurtis Michael Surber would be born after 42 hours of labor on September 24, 1996 beginning my lifetime career as a Mother. Kurtis was the happiest and mildest baby ever. He would gladly cuddle and nurse for hours at a time. What a sweet chubby baby he was. Now, 12 years later he is an amazing son. I couldn't ask for a brighter, funnier, or more sensitive child. Getting ready to celebrate his twelfth birthday is a bit surreal, but very gratifying!
Here I am at age 20, timing contractions the day before Kurtis' birth!

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